Equatus® is licenced to work in all European Union countries. Being totally independent financial advisers, they have been able to seek the best solutions for their private and corporate clients. They can offer a wide range of services in both English and French:

  • Capital investments
  • Tailor-made solutions from € 250,000
  • Discretionary fund management
  • Tax and trust advice, including fantastic tax planning opportunities before becoming resident in France
  • Regular savings
  • Retirement planning
  • Insurance and medical schemes

Also for people settling in Luxembourg, we set up all your personnal insurance (home, car, complementary health cover …). We study the best solutions at the best price by interviewing different insurance companies based in Luxembourg.

Why Luxembourg?

The financial centre of Luxembourg – with more than 170 banks and 362 insurance and reinsurance companies including 57 life companies – offers customers and policy holders security at all levels.

The attractive tax environment for non-residents :

  • No income tax
  • No capital gains tax
  • No succession tax

combined with the strict protection for investors and legally guaranteed banking secrecy have long made the Grand Duchy the premier address in the European investment fund and private customer business.

Since the third European life insurance directive was implemented in 1994, Luxembourg has developed into the centre of the European life insurance industry. High protection levels for policy holders, the prevailing tax conditions and insurance secrecy are all points in Luxembourg’s favour.

In addition, Luxembourg is a member of all the organisations created to fight against money laundering and terrorist financing. For example, it was a founder member of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) and it has encouraged its legislators to go even beyond international regulations and recommendations.


Following the request of the market and the requirements of its customers, Equatus® signed agreements with specialists in Wealth Management in particular with independant Fund Manager or bank having a real independant choice in their allocation in respect of the real client’s need.

Working with these professionals give us the opportunity to set up funds allocations according to your profile, your degree of risk etc….

Equatus® will find the best and the most adapted insurance wrapped after an appointment with you in which we will ask you some questions in order to find the best solutionfor future.

Your answers and your concerns and your wishes will be analysed in order to find the most adapted funds allocations. This search will be done with our independant financial partners having a legal European agreement.

Our partners were selected for their professionalism but also because their system and their working method make it possible to answer to all requests. For a classic life insurance contract or for a Tailor made solutions including Wealth Management, you will get the best service. All analyse are made in following the actual legislation of your country and the Luxembourg legislation on life insurance in order to always give you the best wealth recommendations.

In addition to the traditional composition of a life insurance contract, we can set up tailor made solution including Wealth Management.

Luxembourg is one of the uncontested leaders for set up tailor made solutions. Its legislation makes it possible to any subscriber to be able to get a Wealth Management through a life Insurance contract.

Since Euro 125.000 Net of investment, each subscriber can set up his own Tailor Made contract. We distinguish 4 categories:


Minimum Investment for Tailor made solution Minimum Investment in the contract Minimum Wealth
A 125.000 EUR 250.000 EUR 250.000 EUR
B 250.000 EUR 250.000 EUR 500.000 EUR
C 250.000 EUR 250.000 EUR 1.250.000 EUR
D 1.000.000 EUR 1.000.000 EUR 2.500.000 EUR


With regard to the dedicated funds of type D, it is stipulated the investments will have to respect the specification in appendix I of the Commissariat aux Assurances (C.A.A) circular letter, but no limitation is imposed.


Health protection

The sophisticated nature of modern medicine and the constant increase in life expectancy rates are increasing the burden on the social security system in the long term. For the assured this means lower benefits and higher personal contributions.

With private health insurance you can protect yourself against the financial effects caused by illness. This supplements the compulsory social security system.

  • firstly, you receive a refund for the supplementary expenses that you have to pay following an accident and an illness secondly, some benefits not recognised by the mandatory regime are paid under the private health scheme.
  • People who have permanent residence in Luxembourg and are covered by a Luxembourg mandatory health insurance are eligible. The expenses not covered by the Luxembourg social security system are refunded any where in UE or in the World in case of hospitalisation.

Whatever your occupational status, employee or freelance, you should now obtain healthcare protection and cover the costs resulting from an accident or illness.

The cost of supplementary sickness/heath insurance is based on your age and remains fixed during the following years. The earlier you start the more you gain.

In addition, the premiums you pay are also partly or totally tax-deductible depending on your position and the amount of premiums based on the legal deductible ceiling.

Another reason to subscribe as soon as possible.


For clients requiring extensive cover who wish to have a top-of-the-range service

 We have selected a company with an excellent reputation for its expertise, which offers medical insurance throughout the world to clients of all nationalities. These products are designed to satisfy the needs of the most demanding clients who wish to obtain cover privately or through their company.

International Hospitalisation and Health insurance offers you the best financial cover both when you are travelling and in your country of residence:

  • International coverage with the free choice of specialists, hospitals etc
  • 24-hour emergency service
  • All-risk insurance regardless of the type of work you do, you leisure pursuits or sporting activities
  • Access to the Company experienced medical consultants for a first or second “per “per revenue” opinion
  • Preventative medicine services
  • Access to a vast range of online services, such as the ability to manage your policy via the Company website
  • Guaranteed lifetime renewal of the insurance policy irrespective of your age or health status
  • Coverage also extends to accidents resulting from terrorist activities.

You choose your modules based on your specific needs or the countries you visit.

The hospital insurance represents the basic coverage encompassing all your hospital expenses and this may be a single module or extended to the one or more additional modules:

  • General practitioners
  • Medication & Supplementary Products
  • Medical evacuation & Repatriation
  • Dental and Optical treatment.

You can opt to have your policy with or without an excess contribution and it may be in another currency such as: euros, US dollars or British pounds.